Our priority is the health, wellness, and prosperous future of Americans of Color.


Virtual Yoga

IMPACT is proud to begin our new yoga program. Our certified Instructors have donated their time because they realize how important healing is in this movement. The fight for justice is a long battle but one that can bring a lot of reward. Rest is revolutionary. Meet our Instructors below and sign up for our classes today.

Classes are offered on Zoom and/or Instragram Live

*donations for the instructor are encouraged*

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Yoga Instructor

Queen got involved in protesting in college at Southern University in Baton Rouge. More recently, her involvement has transitioned to dive deeper into the yoga and Christian community. Queen focuses on making sure that BIPOC are seen equally and treated fairly in all communities. She works to shine light to the injustices they face on a daily basis and provide practical tools on how other communities can stand in solidarity with the BIPOC community. She also believes in the power of voting and educating voters to participate in a democracy where their interests are represented. Queen wants to bring rest to our passionate community so that we have the tools to continue working in solidarity!


Yoga Instructor

Krystal Failey(She/her) is a Connecticut native. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with her Bachelors in Arts in the concentration of Human Development and Family Studies. Krystal currently works as a Social Worker for the State of Connecticut and she is a Yoga and Barre instructor. Krystal received her Barre certificate through Tuck Barre & Yoga and she received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate from Yoga Blue Fitness. Krystal enjoys learning different perspectives on yoga and desired more out of a teacher training. This caused her to seek a second certification through My Vinyasa Practice. Krystal has been teaching since April 2020; however, she first found Yoga in college over 10 years ago.

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