Unapologetic by Charlene Carruthers

Unapologetic is a guide on 21st century grassroots organizing and collective liberation. This book provides insights on how to be more effective as a leader by teaching “long-term commitment, cultural sensitivity, Creative strategizing and multiple cross-group alliances.” Unapologetic has become a nationally acclaimed novel, the author and founder of BYP 100 will be joining Impact Demand in a final discussion at the end of the book club.

Bold and honest, Unapologetic is an inside look from an on-the-ground activist and movement leader about how to move people from the margins to the center of political strategy and practice. – Good Reads

Timely and important, Carruthers’ book is a strong testament to the resilience of the radical black liberation movement as well as an impassioned appeal to continue the fight for social justice in a political environment characterized by increasing hostility to equality and difference. Powerful, potent reading.

– Kirkus Reviews

“Charlene Carruthers is a powerful organizer, radical thinker, paradigm-shifter, and one of the most influential political voices of her generation. Anyone seriously interested in the struggle for Black liberation in this country needs to listen carefully to what she has to say.”

—Barbara Ransby, author of Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement and Making All Black Lives Matter

Activist and author Charlene Carruthers stopped by the Morning Shift to talk about her recently released book, Unapologetic: A Black, Queer and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements, which breaks down intersectionality and social justice movements.

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Camika Hurdle

3rd year at University of Wisconsin-Madison


I was inspired by NoName’s book club and the fight for racial justice worldwide!

Book club is important to me because I think it’s necessary to have a space in Madison where Black and Brown communities can get together and have conversations about race and social justice using literature as a guide!

Josh Mitchell

3rd year at University of Wisconsin-Madison


My personal call to action is the fight for liberation for everyone.

This book club is important for me because everyone, especially BIPOC communities should have a safe space where they can have conversations about race, social justice and society while also connecting their love for reading.

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